ConVergInce Advisers LLC
Growing Renewable and Biobased Businesses
​ConVergInce is about delivering attention to success with a lense directed towards commercial progress. We are all about Vision and Innovation and delivering collaborations. 

We live the words of Albert von Szent-Gyorgy: "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."
ConVergInce Advisers is focused on delivering “Visionary & Innovative Solutions” including commercialization assistance for advanced technology clients in renewable chemicals, biochemicals, biofuels, and agricultural and biobased ingredients for food and consumer products. Our focus is on technology start-ups in the emerging bioeconomy where strategic planning, business development, organizational development, and technology evaluation and support; require an experienced perspective.

We believe that the present industrial and consumer trends are resulting in a reinvention of the specialty and performance chemicals industry to deliver solutions using industrial biotechnology. We have a depth of experience commercializing emerging biotechnology processes and planning aggressive business growth. We provide a valuable perspective from our lessons learned. We prefer a form of medium to long term engagements during development, engineering, and commercialization phases of company evolution. We customize our Adviser agreements to reduce your direct hire needs while bringing executive experience to your leadership team.

Joel Stone is the President of ConVergInce Advisers and has been a long term visionary and respected leader in commercialization of industrial biotechnology. Joel also serves as Executive Vice President for Lee Enterprises Consulting. For more details regarding his accomplishments use the Linked In button on the bottom of this page.


Visionary & Innovative solutions!


Converging Leadership, Technology, Partners, People, and Ideas; to offer advice and support for BioRefining of Renewable Chemicals. Biopolymers, Biofuels, Renewable Energy, and Agricultural and Biobased Ingredients. 
Technology development, commercialization,  Business development, organizational development, technology evaluation and support.

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